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Why create a gaming site?


It is true that with the advent of platforms specializing in gaming, such as Twitch, Discord, or even certain Youtube channels, you may wonder the real interest of creating your gaming website .

However, here are all the advantages of doing so that will leave you in no doubt:

  • Create a community

We are not teaching you anything by saying that, in the world of gaming, the notion of community is fundamental.

In addition, you can create a general gaming community or on certain games or specific licenses…

Thanks to your site, you can bring together on the same platform all the information, all the content and all the broadcasts normally scattered on the different social networks. Thus, your community, whether it is more active on Twitch or on Twitter, will have an anchor point on your website.

  • Have an expert image

The creation of a website dedicated to an activity makes it possible to establish a professional image , an expert, and even a reference in the field.

This will allow you to interact with professionals and place yourself as a must in the gaming world.

  • make a name for yourself, especially in an environment that is developing exponentially.

If gaming was previously reserved for a niche, playing video games is now known and recognized as an activity in its own right. The explosion of ZEvent in France or the various e-sport competitions (even envisaged at the Olympic Games!) show the extent of gaming in everyone’s consumption patterns.

This is why creating a website gives you a privileged place in the middle.

  • Participate in events

Finally, since the website is a value of professionalism, you could be invited to private events or have opportunities for collaboration with gaming experts.

Your website would then allow you to combine your passion with a real professional opportunity that is just waiting to grow!

Create a gaming site

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All the reasons are good to embark on the creation of a gaming website , with a personal and passionate scope, or with professional ambitions.

  • But, is it easy?
  • Create a game site easily: is it possible?

The answer is: yes .

For web and tech enthusiasts like you, there’s probably nothing simpler. Creating a gaming site is therefore easy, efficient and quick with the right advice and the right tools.

Before creating your gaming site

But don’t panic: we’ll soon get down to business!

Before starting the creation of your gaming website, you must establish a few elements in order to save time and efficiency.

The identity of his gaming site

Your identity on the web depends mainly on two aspects: your domain name and your graphic charter.

Your domain name can be purchased for a few euros per year on a specialized site, or be included in a subscription formula on a website builder for example.

For further

Step-up infoAt SiteW, you can benefit from a domain name from €2.39 🎉.

As for your graphic charter , it must be established upstream and be found on all of your communication media and social networks.

If you don’t have a visual identity yet , take the time to create it beforehand. Thus, you will be sure to be able to apply it to all your social networks, your website, and even your flyers or packaging.

Gaming, yes: but in what form?

Creating a gaming site can be very broad. From the blog to the online store , to expert explanations of technologies, including specialization in a particular game or license…

👉 If you want to start creating a video game website with a view to discussing, exchanging, chatting online around this theme, check that the site creation solution you choose will allow you to broadcast your lives , integrate a comment space , offers a link to your Discord.

If you want to offer free online games on your site instead, you can add widgets to your pages. Some platforms offer to insert HTML code to integrate children’s games, motorcycle games, role-playing games, etc. on its


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