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As you already know, at Yeeply we help mobile application developers in the whole process of finding application projects that fit their skills and knowledge. In addition to advising both parties in the complete development of mobile applications, we are intermediaries in the communication between the two parties, which reduces the risks that can be encountered when outsourcing development projects . mobile apps.

But the process of mobile app development, when we refer to programming as it is, is a path that app developers walk on their own. That’s why, in order to be successful and not make senseless mistakes when developing mobile applications, we want to offer you tips to improve the entire flow and be successful in mobile application development.

5 tips for app development

1. Know the mobile application development market

The most important thing for a mobile application development professional is to know what is happening around him.

Even if you are only in charge of mobile application development, it is recommended to know the trends of other disciplines in relation to the mobile application sector. It may be enough to follow the development trends of mobile applications which resembles its own Apps.

This means that if you are an Android developer , it is recommended that you have a good knowledge of the Android application development sector. You’ll need to know what the new app design trends are , what types of designs work well, how to program the app to optimize it for mobile marketing strategies  , and even start mobile app development with head what kind of business model the application will have in order to program and design based on it.

It is exactly that. You have to be aware of what is being done at the application design level. These come up against the flat design, familiar and well-known to mobile application development professionals, and which continues to have a lot of influence in mobile applications. But most importantly, while you can take inspiration from successful designs, you need to differentiate yourself. Stand out!

2. Security, a highly valued term in application development

And what is certain is that it is not given enough importance, which causes deficiencies in the security of applications.

A study by IBM indicates that 50% of companies do not spend any part of their budget on security when developing mobile applications. On the other hand, 40% of companies do not review the code of their applications and do not look for security flaws.

In general, half of the companies do not review even half of the applications  they create and 33% of them never check the security or the errors that have occurred. This translates to 1000 million personal data records exposed to cyberattacks in 2014 alone.

This is why developers and entrepreneurs must pay attention to security and establish a development of mobile applications so that they are not susceptible to hacking and that the information of our customers or users is not not exploited. Moreover, it is one of the most valued criteria by users of mobile applications. The development of secure mobile applications  will always be better than that of an application that one can easily hack. If an app is private, users should rest easy knowing that their data and personal information is in good hands.

3. Testing – Eliminate errors!

Before submitting any programming work, it is important to test it, whether it is a web page, a computer program or an application. Being a good application developer means being willing to provide perfect work: this is one of the keys to success for the developer.

We, as experts in mobile application development , inform you that testing your application yourself is not enough. It is better to rely on another developer who can test it or have another professional opinion that gives feedback on your mobile application development.


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