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Things to consider before building an app


Once you start getting interested in building an app, there are some important things you need to familiarize yourself with before moving on to the actual development process.

The main things to consider before developing an application are:

Explore app ideas

Many people want to create an application, but they do not have a clear vision to make their project a reality. That’s why it’s important to explore different app ideas to find the one that interests you and that will take you through the entire process of creating and marketing the app.

It also helps you determine the overall purpose of the app, its functions, and its layout. Everything counts! The thing is, a huge number of apps already exist on app stores like iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Many new apps also appear every day.

We understand that you may be intimidated by building an app in such a saturated market. Business-specific users might prefer a website or mobile app for your e-commerce business, or you might choose an app for receiving and scheduling appointments from your clients.

Market research

Market research plays a vital role in the success of any product, including a smartphone app. There are many aspects to comprehensive market research, such as researching competitor information, analyzing different business models, and identifying customer demand characteristics.

Thorough market research will help you avoid mistakes made by your competitors and develop an application that meets user needs. You can also read reviews from your competitors to get an accurate idea of ​​user reviews of existing apps.

If you build an app without doing thorough market research, the whole project might fail and waste a lot of money, time, and energy. The ultimate goal of market research is to ensure that the product/service you intend to sell has a market.

It is essential because if you can study the product in the market and make it your benchmark, you will be able to achieve significantly better results during the initial phase of your launch.

If you choose to create an application to solve a problem similar to yours, it means that your product has its own market. Always be sure to actively take notes, especially when building an app for a niche market. The target audience and app features are aimed at a specific potential customer. The takeaway from these niche apps is what makes them suitable. What are their shortcomings? And how far can you exceed them?

Good market research on your competitors should, at a minimum, answer the following questions:

  • Who are my direct and indirect competitors?
  • What features are they missing that customers are looking for?
  • How can I improve the current solution provided by my competitors?


Note that your market research should not be limited to the choice of the app store. To capture the mindset of your target customers, it’s essential that you speak directly to them when you create an app. Do this by running ads targeting their demographic profile, asking them to take a survey in exchange for a gift card or other valuable reward.

Define application goals

It’s time to determine the purpose of creating an application. It would be helpful if you found a reason why it is necessary to create an application dedicated to your business. By following this procedure, you will be able to develop a plan of the features you want to offer in your application. It also helps determine the problems you intend to solve with the application. App users and their goals consider everything from the situation to your strategy.

Consider the following to help define the purpose of your app install device:

  • Why do you need an app (what problem can it solve?)?
  • How did you determine your target audience?
  • How can the app maker help this audience solve their problems?
  • What features are needed for users to solve these problems?

One caveat

Try to focus on the fact that the “useful” information section is filled with customer experience oriented features. This is because the goal of creating an app is to maintain public interest in the company.

In addition, you want the business transaction to be beneficial to both parties. So you want to make sure that your customer doesn’t hesitate to visit your website. Once you have answered all the why, who, what, and how questions, you can begin to define your goals and objectives.

Explore monetization options

There are multiple ways to monetize an app to ensure that it generates significant revenue.


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